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Self-care as Healthcare: Using Tools of Yoga for Resilience, Burnout and Stress-Related Illnesses in the Time of COVID

A talk by Priya Verma

14 August 2020, 01:00 AM

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About this talk

Our sense of well-being is not only defined by our own personal health but to our relationships with our families, communities, and the world.

The Global Pandemic has brought us all home as a measure to protect one another with great uncertainty in slowing the spread of COVID 19. The Global effort to shelter in place to give our local healthcare systems time to heal the stricken asked many to sit with unease and discomforts.

Many of us were confronted with the lack of engagement with our families, closure of schools, closing of cultural events, and workplaces. The world turned to technology as a means of connection, information sharing and coming together to fight an invisible threat. In short we have been asked to come together as one humanity to protect one another by staying physically apart.

I have been part of Western Medicine for decades as a Physician Assistant and as a Yoga Therapist. As I worked the front-line taking care of COVID patients, I too navigated the fear and uncertainty of what was to come of my patients, my colleagues, and my family. I helped both my patients and fellow healthcare workers using tools of yoga therapy to mindfully bring us to a place of connection within.

Yoga Therapy tools further enabled me to utilize Telemedicine and safely assess my recovering patients at home with a simple breath practice. I shared safe and short practices with front line Health care workers to help them find support and resilience. It was through our shared experience in these early days that we turned to one another and found strength.

With compassion we turned inward to rediscover our inner resources. T. K. V. Desikachar had said “Yoga is relationship”. Having spent over two decades integrating yoga therapy into western medicine, its abundantly clear how true this is in both the Eastern and Western Medicine. Through cultivating a relationship with ourselves as a self-care practice, we can improve our own health.

Together, we will share a short Yoga Therapy practice of self-care and learn to cultivate compassion, strength, and resiliency to stress. When we care for ourselves, we are more present and able give more to others. This will be a gentle breath-based practice that can be done in a chair at home or at work.

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Priya Verma

Yoga Therapist & Physician Assistant

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