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Richard Miller

Richard Miller

13 August 2020, 11:00 PM

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10-Minutes Practice: Embodying Unbreakable Wholeness and Well-Being https://www.irest.org/access/wholenessofbeingpractice

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Yoga for PTSD

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10-Minutes Practice: Embodying Unbreakable Wholeness and Well-Being

Unbreakable Wholeness, and its essential qualities—including ease, peace, self-compassion and well-being—exists innately within us all. When we don’t recognize our basic Wholeness, we will always feel that something’s amiss in our lives. The feeling that ‘something’s amiss’ arises to help us reorient to and re-embody our Wholeness that we may have forgotten. The teachings of iRest Meditation are designed to reveal, to you, and enable you to recognize and embody your basic Wholeness that is ever-present and indestructible, that is your birthright of basic health, no matter the state of your body and mind. Wholeness is something that you are innately. It is ‘this’ about yourself that is always whole, complete, perfect and never in need of healing, fixing or changing, but simple recognizing. From this perspective we are not living or engaging in meditation or healing practices to become whole. We are living, meditating and practicing from our innate, already present Wholeness. We just need to know how to recognize, remember and embody our Wholeness, as it is already so. With this understanding firmly in place we can then learn to interweave our felt-sense of Wholeness into every circumstance of daily life, as well as when we address what may need healing in the body and mind. You can recover your underlying Wholeness through experiencing the simple feeling of being, which is the universal felt-sense and non-verbal inner knowing that we all have within us. Being is the quiet, ever-present background presence that’s always within you, but that can go unnoticed until it’s directly pointed out. Fortunately, there are five simple exquisite pointers or messengers—natural visceral feelings within you—that can help you recognize and embody your essential Wholeness. When you embody your Wholeness you realize an ever-present, unchanging and indestructible inner resource that enables you to weather every challenging circumstance that life brings to your table. So, please join me to experientially explore five essential inquires that have been handed down to us through the ancient teachings of contemplative meditation. These inquiries help you recognize and directly experience your essential unchanging and ever-present Wholeness and unbreakable Well-Being that underlies true health, healing, and awakening. These simple inquiries enable you to reclaim your inner and outer connectedness and realize the fullness of your human potential where you feel empowered and in harmony with yourself and the entire cosmos during every step of your journey through life.

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